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Piano Keys

C: Young Soloist
18-28 years

Age: 18-28

Are you between the ages of 18 and 28? The IPM 2024 Tbilisi Piano Competitions are here to celebrate the talent and hard work of our IPM students.


How to Participate:

  • Register as an active participant in the IPM Tbilisi Festival.

  • Stick to the age requirements for your category.

  • Get ready to compete with pianists from around the world for a chance to shine at the prestigious Gala Concert.

Application Process:

  • Please submit a YouTube video recording as part of your application and perform a Free Solo repertoire.

  • Duration: Your video submission should be a minimum of 15 minutes in length.

  • Your videos will determine your acceptance to the IPM Tbilisi Festival and your eligibility for the competitions.

Competition Details:

  • Preselected candidates will compete in one round at the Tbilisi Conservatoire Recital Hall.

Rules and Regulations:

  • By participating, you agree to follow all rules and regulations.

  • The Jury's decisions on prizes are final and cannot be appealed.

Concert Opportunities & Promotion

  • Participants have the chance to be invited to perform at various venues.

  • Selected performances will be featured on our website, YouTube channel, Facebook, and Instagram, providing exposure through social media platforms.

Prizes & Awards

Grand Prix: $500

Three prizes will be awarded, and one Grand Prix winner will be selected to perform at the Gala Concert.


Free repertoire, maximum 20 minutes total


By agreeing to participate, students are accepting all of the rules and regulations stated above.

  1. The latest information about the competition is available on our website.

  2. IPM will review all applications in confidence.

  3. The competition is open to participants of all nationalities.

  4. Candidates may compete in only one category solo A, B or C and could as well participate in the Concerto competition D (Aged 12-28).

  5. The jury may choose not to award some prizes or split them as appropriate. Their decisions are final, and the grades (1-100) are based on technical and artistic aspects, with an average score calculated.

  6. All prize winners in each category will be promoted on IPM's social media platforms and may be promoted for future engagements or accomplishments.

  7. Candidates grant IPM the right to record, reproduce, and distribute their video submissions by participating in the competition.

  8. Competitors must indefinitely relinquish all recording, broadcasting, and distribution rights to IPM. Candidates agree to release all rights regarding the future use of their video submissions by completing the official entry form. By participating in the competition, competitors permit IPM to stream their video submissions on our YouTube channel and use them on their social media channels for promotional purposes.

  9. Participants must be available for any promotional matters related to the competition.

  10. Only main prize winners may use the title of laureate of the IPM Competition & Prizes.

  11. All jury members will sign IPM Competition & Prizes Award Certificates.

  12. IPM staff reserve the right to modify the competition rules at any time and may request additional information from any candidate.

  13. To avoid disqualification without the right of appeal, please comply with the competition regulations.

Genesis of IPM Competitions

Concours International de Piano de Lagny-Sur-Marne

Let us take you on a journey that began in France, where Béatrice Quoniam and Pascal Nemirovski established the Concours National de Piano de Lagny-Sur-Marne in 2006. Thanks to the support of Mayor Patrice Pagny and Deputy Mayor Francoise Copeland, the competition quickly grew in popularity, and by 2009, it had become the Concours International de Piano de Lagny-Sur-Marne, attracting pianists from around the world.


Prize winners:

Eric ARTZ, France 

Suzana BARTAL, Romania 

Evelyne BEREZOVSKY, Russia 

François DUMONT France 

Filipo GORINI, Italy 

Catarina GREWE, Japan-Germany 



Elizaveta KLYUCHEREVA, Russia 


Daniel LEBHARDT, Hungary 

Aidan MIKDAD, Netherlands

Florian MITREA, Romania 

Mario MORA, Spain 

Marie-Ange NGUCI, France 

Kana OKADA, Japan 

Jeong-ah RYU, South Korea 

Alexander ULLMAN, UK 

Scipione SANGIOVANNI, Italiy 

Xiao-Tang TAN, China

Daniel VAN DER HOEVEN, Netherlands

Concours International de Piano Antoine de Saint-Eupéry

The success of the Lagny-Sur-Marne competition inspired Quoniam and Nemirovski to embark on a new project in 2017, creating the Concours International de Piano Antoine de Saint-Exupéry in Saint-Priest, France. This competition was renamed to honour the legendary French writer and aviator Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, and Mayor Gilles Gascon played an instrumental role in bringing it to life. Isaure Equilbey was appointed the Artist Manager for the winners, and the competition continued to attract the best and brightest pianists from around the world. Although the final edition of the Saint-Priest competition was held in 2019, the legacy of these incredible musical events lives on.

Prize winners:

Alice BURLA, Canada

Fatima DSUSOVA, Russia

Alexander GADJIEV,  Italy-Slovenia

Ana KIPIANI, Georgia

Roman KOSYAKOV, Russia

Dimitri MALIGNAN, France

Florian MITREA, Romania-UK

Arseni MUN, Russia

Aristo SHAM, Hong-Kong

Andrej WIERCINSKY, Poland

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