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Giya Kancheli Tbilisi Youth Orchestra

IPM Tbilisi Orchestra


Giya Kancheli Tbilisi Youth Orchestra (TYO) is the leading young orchestral program in Georgia, running through the whole concert season in Tbilisi.

TYO was established with the support of Tbilisi Municipality at the National Palace in 2019. The initiative to establish the orchestra, its formation and artistic plan belong to the Orchestra’s Manager – Mika Mdinaradze and to the Artistic Director and Principal Conductor – Mirian Khukhunaishvili.

Since its establishment, the orchestra has held more than 50 concerts. Hosted and took part in various festivals and competitions, including: the 30th anniversary festival “Autumn Tbilisi” and in the first international competition named after Barouch (2019) in the Republic of San Marino.

With close-creative relations with the maestros such as: Andrei Boreyko, Vakhtang Kakhidze, Claudio Vandelli, George Tchitchinadze, Giorgi Babuadze, Fuad Ibrahimov, the orchestra has refined and achieved higher performance level. 

TYO often offers the podium to outstanding young soloists and conductors, among others: Giorgi Gigashvili, Luka Okros, Sandro Gegechkori, Sandro Nebieridze, Stathis Karapanos, Anastasia Kobenika, Kakhi Solomnishvili, Ioseb Jugashvili, Levan Jagaev.

TYO performed at the Young Euro Classic 2023 festival at the Berlin Konzerthaus.



Giya Kancheli Tbilisi Youth Orchestra
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